Mario + Rabbids
Thomas veyrat rkb keyart 16 9 flatten 9k


Thomas veyrat rkb keyart team heroes op booth final

Heroes artwork

Thomas veyrat rkb pack

Game pack illustration

Mario + Rabbids

In this project, I worked on the main communication assets of the game, such as :

- Main Artworks like the Keyart and the game pack
- character posings,
- HD versions of the game assets,
- high quality renders with Vray,
- create and make digital illustrations
- 3D prints of the game characters

Marketing Art team for the project :
Concepts and 2D assets : Myself and Mathieu Aubry
Art Direction : Guillaume Arvieu
3D Assets production : Myself, Cédric Monsempo and JB Raimbault
Project manager : Guillaume Cerda and Alexandra Andrieux

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More artwork
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