Captain Piper Faraday

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Captain Piper Faraday

Captain Piper Faraday

SteamWorld Heist is certainly my most played game on IOS. I really like the universe, the plot, the ennemies and the characters.
if you didn’t play it yet, well I highly recommand to give it a try !

Official page :

As for Piper Faraday, she is just one of my favorite game character.

She’s really a great design. And this 3D model is my way to show my appreciation. :)


Tools and Softwares used :

Piper Volbot concept : Drawing and Photoshop

Base modeling : 3DS Max

High Res sculpting : 3DS Max and Zbrush

Maps baking : 3DS Max

Texture painting : Substance Painter

Polishing : Adobe Photoshop


Base concept : What Piper would look like as a Voltbot ??

More artwork
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