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Origamia 3D view

Thomas veyrat bear

Origabear, Digital render.

Thomas veyrat 12823304 1687353901505572 4639706071002975814 o

Origabear, 3D Print.

Thomas veyrat kangourou

Kangami, Digital render.

Thomas veyrat 12794679 1687353898172239 733287857689854748 o

Kangami, 3D Print.

Thomas veyrat grue

Origacrane, Digital render.

Thomas veyrat 12778755 1687353578172271 5865746090330311787 o

Origacrane, 3D Print.

Thomas veyrat croco

Crocogami, Digital render.

Thomas veyrat 12768166 1687353581505604 3460876002074369680 o

Crocogami, 3D Print.

Thomas veyrat frog

Frogami, Digital render.

Thomas veyrat 12792340 1687353574838938 6667428282576627374 o

Frogami, 3D Print.

Thomas veyrat rhino

Rhinogami, Digital render.

Thomas veyrat 12512456 1687353894838906 3635445370547893279 n

Rhinogami, 3D Print.


With François M'Bahia, we modeled the good old origamis in 3D. We did our best to keep the fold paper feel that all origamis have. And we already 3d printed all of them. Warning these products are copyrighted and protected.
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/fmbahia/

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